Symbols of patriotism in Tra Vinh named national historical relics
Update: Apr 20, 2016
Con Trung Communal House – Shrine and Con Tau Temple, considered the symbols of patriotism in the Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh, have been recognised as national historical relic sites. 

A ceremony to receive the recognition certificates was organised by the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism on April 19. 

Con Trung Communal House - Shrine is 51km to the east of Tra Vinh city and 1km away from Con Tau Temple. Both are located in Truong Long Hoa commune of Duyen Hai district. 

The Con Trung house, built at the beginning of the Nguyen Dynasty’s King Minh Mang reign (late 18th century), worships guardian Bon Canh who protects the locality. It witnessed a number of historical events during the resistance wars against France and the US. 

Con Tau Temple was set up in 1870 to worship the God of Nam Hai (the God of the Sea). It was the venue for young people to get training before they staged an uprising against the French colonialists during the August Revolution in 1945, which led to the foundation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam later the same year. 

In 1948, the temple served as a detention camp of French prisoners and a training school for officials and militia of the Nam Bo (Southern region) Party Committee. It provided a warehouse for weapons shipped from the north to the southern battle fields via the Ho Chi Trail at Sea during the anti-US war.