Is yoga the thing that keeps you sane in this crazy existence? Do you prefer to be taught in English?

If you answered “yes” to both, then have we got the list for you!

Here are six yoga studios of varying styles and locations to get you back in the groove. 

Yoga Sculpt n Shape (also known as Yoga SnS)

yoga sculpt and shape saigon

Yoga Sns teaches a balanced range of yoga in part-English and part-Vietnamese. From the dynamic Vinyasa Flow to the much gentler Prenatal Yoga, Yoga Sns is one of the top yoga schools out there. They also have a rotating roster of expat teachers. You’ll find Yoga Sns perched atop an apartment block near District 3’s Turtle Lake.

Yoga Living

Another school that is well regarded in the expat community is Yoga Living. Well known as “the cool, hidden school” that offers English classes in their repertoire, you come for the class and stay for the giant lounge that they have. Just off Vo Van Tan, Yoga Living means you’ll leave refreshed and never at a loss of what to eat when you’re ravenous post-yoga.

Home Yoga

An expat who has lived in Saigon for 6 years, American Rae Dohar teaches out of her home, meaning that class is capped at a maximum of 6 people. She keeps an eagle eye on all her students, which translates into a far more personalised service. Don’t be fooled though, Rae comes to Saigon with years of experience running yoga schools in Korea under her belt. She teaches Vinyasa. Home Yoga also offers retreats and private lessons.

Sivananda Yoga

One of the most popular forms of yoga in Vietnam, there are branches in Ho Chi Minh, Dalat and Hanoi. While not easy, Sivananda Yoga has a strong meditation element to it. Classes are taught in both Vietnamese and English, and yoga teacher training is offered.

Suzanne Vian

No list would be complete without a mention of Suzanne Vian, the doyenne of expat Vietnamese yoga. She concentrates mainly on retreats and yoga teacher trainings arguably the only expat teacher to do so thus far. She teaches Hatha Yoga and keeps it fresh with a rotating roster of guest teachers at her weekly class.

Sunlight Yoga

sunlight yoga

An international yoga champion who trains other competitive yogis in his spare time runs this studio. However, he’s balanced out by a teacher whose main focus is meditation and who doesn’t believe in competition at all. It’s a potent mix that means that you’ll always find what you need. Like Yoga Living and Yoga, classes here are taught by a good mix of teachers who run classes in English and/or Vietnamese.

by Rebecca Chen

Rebecca Chen is a marketing specialist from Envato who loves the internet, despite an allergy to cats, and loves cheese, despite being lactarded. She dedicates her Sunday afternoons to exploring the yogic offerings of Saigon.

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