Can Tho cultural discovery in Ha Noi
Update: Sep 29, 2015
A mid-Autumn festival entitled “Discover the culture of Can Tho” was held at the Viet Nam Museum of Ethnology from September 26th - 27th.

The event created a opportunity for Hanoians to exchange and learn more about the life of people in Can Tho - a Mekong Delta city. At the festival, the children took part in many activities discovering the culture through the folk games of Khmer people.

Besides, the children were taught how to make Vietnamese traditional toys like “to he” (toy figurine which is manually made with glutinous rice powder); star-shaped lanterns and “den keo quan” (a lantern which spins around with vivid, rotating paper-cut figures); paper doctors…

The visitors to the event enjoyed the specialties of Khmer people in Can Tho such as “banh xeo” (stuffed rice-flour pancake), "banh gung" (gingerbread cake) and “banh tet” (round glutinous rice cake).

Assoc. Prof, Vo Quan Trong, Director of the Viet Nam Museum of Ethnology said the event hoped to introduce crystallized cultural values of Can Tho to the visitors. Thereby, raising awareness of promoting and preserving traditional cultures among the people.