Thai ethnics’ dance, ritual named national cultural heritages
Update: Jan 05, 2016
A ceremony was held in Muong Lay township, the northwestern province of Dien Bien on December 31 to publicise the recognition of the Xoe dance and Kin pang Then ritual as national intangible cultural heritages. 

The Xoe dance holds an important role in the spiritual life of the Thai ethnic people in Muong Lay. The dance originated from local people’s need for entertainment after strenuous production activities. 

It has become an indispensable cultural activity of the Thai ethnics in the northwestern region, including Dien Bien. Particularly, Muong Lay township are proved to be have witnessed substantial developments of the Xoe dance. 

Meanwhile, Kin pang Then is a spiritual ritual of the “white” Thai ethnic group to worship the deities known as Then, who are sent to the Earth to help ordinary people. 

The ritual, usually held in the early spring, is also intended to pray for rains, bumper crops, happiness and prosperity for families and villages.

Addressing the ceremomy, Chairman of the Muong Lay People’s Committee Vu Ngoc Vuong said that with the recognition, the locality will have more chances to promote its cultural heritages, thus contributing to its tourism development.