Free wifi available for tourists during Huong Pagoda Festival
Update: Feb 03, 2016
Free wifi service will be available for tourists during Huong Pagoda Festival, which is scheduled to open on February 13. 

The festival, the longest-such event in the country, is held annually from the sixth day of the first lunar month throughout the third lunar month. 

The pagoda is the second area in Ha Noi, after Hoan Kiem lake, to launch free wifi service. 

It is a joint effort of My Duc district’s authorities and relevant agencies to create the most favourable conditions for visitors to celebrate the festival. 

According to Vice Chairman of the district’s People’s Committee Nguyen Van Hau, the organising board has worked out plans to ensure traffic safety, social security and food safety during the festival.

Nearly 4,400 boats have been mobilised for the festival. All of the boats’ operators have been trained on waterway traffic law and are asked to sign a commitment to not overload cargo and not charge customers higher prices than regulated. 

The operators are also asked to protect the environment and to call on tourists to do the same.

Built between the 18th and 19th centuries, the Huong Pagoda complex features a large number of shrines and natural caves filled with marvellous stalactites and stalagmites. 

Located at about 60km south from downtown Ha Noi, the pagoda is one of the most famous cultural and spiritual tourism destinations in the north of the country.