Tran Thuong Temple recognized as special national relic site
Update: Feb 23, 2016
(TITC) – On 21st February 2016, Ha Nam Provincial People's Committee held a ceremony to receive the Certificate recognizing Tran Thuong Temple as a special national relic site. State Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan attended the event.

Located in Nhan Dao Commune, Ly Nhan District, Ha Nam Province, Tran Thuong Temple is dedicated to General Tran Hung Dao (1228-1300), a supreme commander of the country during the Tran Dynasty, who defeated three mighty Mongol Empire’s invasions in the 13th century.

Thanks to its outstanding historic and cultural values, since December 2015, Tran Thuong Temple has been recognized as a special national relic site. Aiming to commemorate the great merit of General Tran Hung Dao, the festival of Tran Thuong Temple is celebrated every year from the 18th to 20th day of the eighth lunar month.

Food-distributing festival in Tran Thuong Temple is one of the largest festivals of Ha Nam Province. In 2016, the festival was organized on the 14th day of the first lunar month, comprising of 3 parts: food procession from warehouse to the temple, incense-offering ceremony, food procession to the sanctuary.

During the festival, the festival’s organizing board in collaboration with the temple’s management board handed out to the pilgrims 150,000 food parcels. Pilgrims received a little red bag that contained 5 seeds (red bean, green bean, corn, soy bean and rice).

Thu Thuy