Central Highlands’ legendary storyteller to perform in Ha Noi
Update: Mar 23, 2016
Artist Y Wang living in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak, often called “the storyteller of legendary nights”, will bring a night like this to Ha Noi on March 25.
(Photo: VOV)

Y Wang has become famous for his performances of “ke khan” - a traditional art of the Ede ethnic group, where legends are told through folk songs.

He is among 135 performers from eight ethnic communities in seven provinces nationwide, who will take part in a flurry of activities portraying their distinctive cultures at the Viet Nam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Ha Noi from March 25 - 27.

The event, themed “March - The honey hunting season of bees - Central Highlands’ imposing forest and jungle”, features several ethnic rites, such as the communal house inauguration ceremony of the Gie Trieng group, prayers for rain and a bumper harvest of the Ede community, and the wedding ceremony of the Xo Dang group.

On the occasion, a collection of 16 notable items used by ethnic groups will be on display at the village.

Other activities, including a gong ceremony and a trade fair showcasing regional specialities, will also take place.