Dao maturity rite recognised as intangible cultural heritage
Update: Mar 30, 2016
The maturity ritual (Cap Sac) of the Dao ethnic minority group in northern Thai Nguyen province was recognised as a national intangible cultural heritage at a ceremony on March 29.

According to the local Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the ritual is indispensable to acknowledge the maturity of a Dao man. All Dao men must go through the ritual in order to be recognised by the community as mature enough to undertake communal positions. 

The “Cap Sac” ritual falls on the lunar calendar’s Eleventh, Twelfth and First months each year. 

The recognition of the rite as a national intangible cultural heritage reflects the ethnic group’s pride, as well as efforts by local authorities to preserve the nation’s heritage. 

At the ceremony, participants had a chance to enjoy the major stages of a “Cap Sac” rite, as well as Dao folk music and dances.