April 4 designated as “Day of Pho” in Japan
Update: Apr 04, 2016
The EXPO City Centre in Osaka has announced April 4 as “Day of Pho” to honour Viet Nam’s traditional noodle soup (Pho) in Japan.

At an announcement ceremony on April 2, attended by a large number of Japanese and Vietnamese people in Osaka and surrounding cities, Consul General Tran Duc Binh said he hopes the event would help Japanese people get a better understanding of Vietnamese famous delicious dishes and culture.

Acecook President Muraoka Hiroshi said Acecook had introduced its instant noodle soup at convenient stores in Japan. Noodle is made from Vietnamese rice while soup is created by Viet Nam’s famous noodle soup restaurants’ flavours to make it suitable with Japanese people’s taste.

“Pho” is regarded as a particular dish of Viet Nam that win favour from many countries.