“Pho” whets Mexicans’ appetite for Viet Nam’s culinary culture
Update: Apr 05, 2016
Visitors to the Day of “Pho”, organised by the Vietnamese Embassy in Mexico on April 3, had a chance to gain an insight into and taste the renowned noodle soup of Viet Nam. 

Representatives of Mexico City’s authorities, federal officials, the press and local residents were among the participations. 

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to Mexico Le Linh Lan gave the guests a brief introduction of “pho” including its significance, ingredients, recipe, and the space to enjoy. 

She informed the guests that April 4 has been officially announced the Day of Vietnamese “pho” in Japan to highlight the representative dish of Viet Nam’s culture. This is the first time “pho” has a specific celebratory day. 

“Pho” has become popular in many countries, including the US, the UK and Japan, Lan said, adding that she hopes through the Day, Mexican people will understand more about Viet Nam’s cuisine and culture. 

In addition to watching a cook from Viet Nam demonstrate the making of “pho”, the dish was also offered for visitors to taste along with Vietnamese-style coffee. 

Vietnamese Pho consists of broth, rice noodles, herbs and meat. It is primarily served with either beef or chicken.

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