Vietnamese specialties form part of world culture festival in Brussels
Update: May 09, 2016
Viet Nam joined some 30 countries in a festival showcasing the world’s cultural diversity at Place de la Bourse, the Belgian capital city of Brussels, on May 7. 

The Vietnamese Embassy and the general association of Vietnamese people in the country brought to the event the distinctive dishes of their homeland. 

Truong Thi Quyen, owner of restaurant Litte Asia in the downtown of Brussels, performed the making of “nem cuon” (fresh spring rolls), “nem ran” (fried spring rolls) and “nom du du” (green papaya salad), which are some of Vietnam’s delicacies, and invited visitors to taste them. 

A local citizen said she will learn to cook Vietnamese food and introduce it to her friends after trying “nem cuon”. Meanwhile, a group of young Cameroonians expressed their surprise at the special flavour of the sauce of the dish. 

The festival of the world cultures is held annually to honour the traditional cultural values of the foreign communities in Belgium. 

Visitors to the event also have a chance to have better understanding of the cultural identities of many countries through poems, novels, arts performances, and sculptures. A big parade was among the highlights of the festival. 

This year’s event also aimed to attract more tourists to Brussels after terror attacks at the city six weeks ago.