Viet Nam culinary week delights taste buds in Columbia
Update: May 09, 2016
A tourism photo exhibition and a Viet Nam Food Week have been held in Colombia with the aim of promoting Viet Nam’s culture to international friends.

“The Embassy of Viet Nam expresses its sincere thanks to everyone involved in making this lovely event happen,” said Ambassador Dung.

The Ambassador said he would especially like to thank the chefs and the whole team at the Royal Hotel, the Joseph Kessel School and the French Institute that made it all come together.

“I would also like to extend my sincere appreciation to the Colombian Foreign Ministry for all of their generous support in making the event happen,” said Ambassador Dung.

Hundreds of folks attended the event, including many high level government officials, ambassadors and chiefs of diplomatic missions in Colombia along with countless business leaders, Overseas Vietnamese and international friends.

The event provided an opportune occasion to introduce the distinguished guests in attendance to photos of Viet Nam and tout the country’s tourism potential as well as let them enjoy the tasty traditional dishes of pho, goi cuon, nem, mangoes and kebabs.

In addition, culinary experts from the Ha Noi tourism college held exchanges in regards to teaching and other professional experiences as part of an effort to promote a more comprehensive picture about the land, people and culture of Viet Nam.