Vietnamese silk painting exhibition held in Russia
Update: Jun 07, 2016
A big cultural event is underway from June 4th to 12th in Russia under the name of “Vietnamese cultural days in Russia 2016”, and a featuring silk painting exhibition is one of the major activities of the event.

Ten artists currently working at the University of Fine Arts of Viet Nam showcase 35 works at the exhibition so visitors have a good opportunity to admire the special and unique beauty of silk paintings.

One of the special features of the paintings is that the silk is made from silkworms, and it has various surfaces for artists to create different effects for the paintings. Silk made from silkworms is long-lasting and color-absorbing. While painting, artists have to keep the silk moist to prevent colors from forming curds; however, this material allows artists to express and embed their emotions more conveniently in their paintings.

Apart from the silk painting exhibition, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Viet Nam has also well prepared for special “cultural feasts” deeply imbued with the national identity. These performances, which include traditional Vietnamese and Russian songs, will well entertain the Vietnamese nationals in Russia and the friendly hosts alike.