MoCST and VTV collaborate to promote Viet Nam tourism
Update: Sep 29, 2016
(TITC) – On 27 September 2016, in Ha Noi, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MoCST) and Viet Nam Television (VTV) signed agreement on tourism promotion cooperation.

The bilateral cooperation marked a significant landmark of Viet Nam tourism promotion to implement the directions of Prime Minister at the national conference on tourism development held in last August in Hoi An.

In his speech, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thien - Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism spoke highly of the important role of media for tourism development, which has helped in raising the public’s awareness, developing tourism products and services, connecting destinations and developing tourism brand.

On this occasion, VTV officially launched a special program to be broadcast on national television entitled “VTVtrip - Traveling with VTV”, including 4 versions. The 10-minute weekly and 30-minute monthly programs provide comprehensive information, analysis, discussions about policies, experiences and trends of tourism development in Viet Nam and around the world. The 30-second and two-minute programs to be broadcast weekly from Monday to Friday introduce a charming Viet Nam with breathtaking natural landscapes, unique culture, friendly and hospitable people.

This VTV’s program aims at motivating the audience to travel and explore attractive destinations in Viet Nam, and also helping tourism business community, policy makers and planners, authorities to make effective decisions, seek solutions to boosting tourism development.

Hong Nhung