Cafes in the clouds
Update: Nov 15, 2016
Enjoy a cup of coffee in open spaces, near mountains and clouds, in Sa Pa, Tam Dao or Da Lat.

Gem Valley (Sa Pa)

This coffee shop is located on the way to Cat Cat Village. The wood caf is a destination of many visitors who travel to Sa Pa. 

The shop space is rustic, and is decorated by paintings of an artist from Ha Noi. There are tables along the corridor overlooking the valley of Cat Cat village. 

In the early morning or late afternoon, the clouds stretch across the valley, creating magical atmosphere here.

Fansipan Terrace (Sa Pa)

Less than 1km away from the Stone Cathedral in the centre of Sapa, this coffee shop has a cozy indoor space and open outdoor area. 

Sitting outdoors, tourists can both enjoy coffee and see clouds. Sitting inside, they can also see the clouds outside the window. 

Besides drinks, the shop serves fast food in Asian and European style.

Wind Café (Tam Dao)

Located at an altitude of nearly 1,000 meters above sea level, the town of Tam Dao has a cool climate all year round. 

Quan Gio (Wind) café is situated in a prime location, covered with clouds on all sides. 

The shop also has binoculars so visitors can watch the scenes around. 

Me Linh (Da Lat)

This coffee shop is designed in the style of houses on stilts, with wood as the main material. 

There is an open space with a vaulted canopy to welcome natural sunlight, and simple tables and chairs, where you can drink coffee and see the vast coffee plantation and a large lake. 

Not located in the city center, the café is in Ta Nung, about 15 km from Da Lat.