Champa antiques on display at Hue Royal antiquities museum
Update: Nov 24, 2016
An exhibition of Champa antiques opened at the Hue Royal Museum of Antiquities at 3 Le Truc Street, Hue City on November 23 as a part of activities celebrating Viet Nam’s Cultural Heritage Day (November 23).

The event has nearly 30 artefacts on display, which are part of an 86-item collection of Champa sculptures in the Hue Royal Museum of Antiquities. In the future, the remaining artefacts will also be introduced to visitors and researchers.

Through the exhibition, visitors can enjoy the Champa sculptures, which were collected from all over the Champa relics in and beyond Hue region, which consists largely of Cham sculptures in stone excavated in Tra Kieu by archaeologist Jean-Yves Clayes.

The archaeologist distributed them among Khai Dinh Museum, Parmentier Museum in Da Nang, the Museum of Blanchard de la Bross in Sai Gon and Louis Finot Museum in Ha Noi. To facilitate the storage and display of the sculptures, the Association des Amis du Vieux Hué proposed the construction of a display area for Champa antiquities at Khai Dinh Museum. On December 26, 1927, a royal decree for the construction of a Champa antiquity section (Section des Antiquités Cham), briefly called the Champa room, was issued for the display of typical Champa sculptures.

The exhibition is open from 7am to 5pm daily at the Hue Royal Museum of Antiquities.