Nguyen Dynasty costumes on show
Update: Dec 26, 2016
A collection of Nguyen Dynasty (1802 - 1945) royal costumes is on display at the Museum of Vietnamese History in HCM City.

The exhibition, Vang Son Nhung Gam (Golden Imperial Costumes), showcases 70 items, including costumes, jewelry, accessories, and daily utensils that illustrate the life of the royal and court families.

Exhibit highlights include costumes of the King, Queen, Prince and Princess. Among these is one set of garments belonging to King Dong Khanh, who reigned from 1885-1989.

All of the costumes are embroidered with symbols like dragons and phoenixes. The influences of the Three Teachings in Viet Nam: Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, can be seen.

Costumes and bonnets of mandarins assigned to civil and military positions, as well as imperial consorts, brooches, bracelets, gold and silver rings with gemstones, boxes and trunks of different sizes and materials can also be seen.

The items belong to the museum, the Southern Women’s Museum in HCM City, and collector Nguyen Van Hoa.

Nguyen Thi Tham, director of the Southern Women’s Museum, which owns most of costumes in the exhibition, said:  “Costumes play a significant role in the life of human beings and reflects social development. In Viet Nam, dress codes for the royal and court officials represented their position and power in society.

“Through this exhibition, we want to show visitors the cultural and social meanings of these costumes of the Nguyen Dynasty, and to highlight the craftsmanship of those who created the wonderful objects,” she added.

The exhibition is open at 2 Nguyen Binh Khiem Street in District 1 until March.