Ho Chi Minh City named among top holiday destinations in 2017
Update: Feb 20, 2017
Ho Chi Minh City has been listed among the 19 cheapest holiday destinations on earth in 2017 by Airport transfer website Hoppa.

The website ranked the southern Viet Nam city at 14th, as each traveller needs an average of USD65.76 a day, including USD67.79 for hotel for two, USD18.95 for meal for two, USD18.72 for a bottle of wine, USD3.92 for taxi, USD2.65 for a cup of coffee, USD6.45 for a cocktail and USD0.62 for a pint of beer.

The average cost of a one night stay per person was analysed in 84 places around the globe to produce the ranking.

Accordingly, the website calculated the split cost of a hotel room, a meal for two with a shared bottle of wine, a shared 3km taxi journey, as well as a coffee, a cocktail, and a beer each.

In addition, Hoppa also based on other features like the cost of a sightseeing bus tour and key attractions, although they are not included in this ranking.

Other low-cost destinations named on the list are Sofia (Bulgaria), Cairo (Egypt), Cartagena (Colombia), Bucharest (Romania), Antalya (Turkey), Siem Reap (Cambodia), Kiev (Ukraine), Manila (the Philippines), Mexico City (Mexico), Sliema (Malta), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Kampala (Uganda), Krakow (Poland), Makkah (Saudi Arabia), Bangkok (Thailand), Chania (Greece), Mumbai (India), and Johannesburg (South Africa).