Viet Nam archaeological treasures exhibition successful in Germany
Update: Mar 06, 2017
The exhibition “Treasures of Vietnamese Archaeology” has attracted over 50,000 visitors after five months displayed at the LWL-Museum of Archaeology in Herne city, Germany’s Nordrhein-Westfalen state.

It is one of the most successful exhibitions of the museum, said the museum director Josef Muhlenbrock.

The event, held from October 7, 2016 - February 26, 2017, had a significant meaning at a time when the two countries celebrated five years of their strategic partnership, he added.

About 400 historical artefacts classified into three categories - Prehistory, My Son Sanctuary (a temple complex in central Viet Nam) and Thang Long Imperial Citadel in Ha Noi were on display at the exhibition

It helped visitors gain deeper insight into Vietnamese unique culture and history, thus strengthening mutual understanding and connectivity between the two countries.

After being showcased at the LWL museum, these Vietnamese treasures will continue to be on show at two museums in Sachsen State from March 3 - August 20, 2017 and in Baden - Wurttemberg state from September 16, 2017 - January 7, 2018.