Launching tours to Viet Nam following “Kong’s footprint”
Update: Mar 24, 2017
(TITC) - Recently, “Kong: Skull Island”, Hollywood blockbuster filmed in Viet Nam has been officially released. With 70% content shot in Ha Long Bay, Ninh Binh Province, Quang Binh Province, the movie is creating a new trend of tours following “Kong’s footprint” to admire the famous landscapes in Viet Nam appeared in the movie.

Ha Long Bay seen from above by seaplane (Photo: Vietravel)

The U.S tour operator, Exotic Voyages offers “NewKong: Skull Island tour” lasting 10 days, 9 nights with the schedule of most the filming locations of the movie in Ninh Binh Province, Ha Long Bay, Quang Binh Province. Exotic Voyages introduces “Filming Kong: Skull Island in Viet Nam shows the majestic and peaceful beauty of this country where possesses virgin rain-forests, countless mountain ranges, and incredible limestone caves. Let’s experience Viet Nam in a way you’ve never done before”. The Thai tour operator Starlight also offers a 6-day, 5-night tour to Trang An, Van Long (Ninh Binh Province), Ha Long Bay.

The Vietnamese tour operators also launch rapidly tourism products related to the film, typically, the 4-day tour “Following the Kong’s footprint” of Vietravel with the destinations in Ha Long Bay, Van Long Lagoon (Ninh Binh Province). Visitors will have the opportunity to admire one of the main filming locations, Van Long Marsh – the largest wetland nature reserve in Red River Delta with thousands of rare fauna and flora. In Ha Long Bay, visitors will experience the world heritage from above by seaplane, feel the imposing and splendid scenery of the bay. In Quang Binh Province, tour “Tu Lan: Experience home of Kong” with 1 day or 2-day and 1-night schedule is being operated by Oxalis.

After “Kong: Skull Island” has been released, the director Jordan Vogt-Roberts was appointed Viet Nam Tourism Ambassador for 2017-2020 period by Viet Nam’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Expectedly, with the role of promoting Viet Nam tourism through media, press, art, photography and other activities, the Viet Nam Tourism Ambassador Jordan Vogt-Roberts will actively contribute to the breakthrough development of Viet Nam tourism in the next time.

Thu Giang