Toward sustainable tourism in northeastern mountainous province
Update: Apr 18, 2017
Ban Gioc Waterfall, one among many renowned tourist destinations in Cao Bang. No more overcrowding, spontaneous business activities or street garbage.

Services and business activities have been well-planned under the local administration.

Considering tourism the local spearhead sector, the local government has invested in building tourism clusters to better serve visitors.

Not only have the projects improved local tourism infrastructure, but they have also created jobs for locals, thus, increasing their incomes.

With a 300km border line, local authorities have encountered difficulties in managing and developing tourism activities.

Beside economic development, ensuring social welfare and national sovereignty is a key task for local authorities.

There are now 251 relic sites, with two getting special national status.

The province is planning to boost local tourism promotion programmes in the 2015 - 2020 period.