Champa culture's Linga-Yoni set discovered in Quang Ngai
Update: May 09, 2017
A set of stone lingam and yoni, believed to be the biggest-ever in ancient Champa culture, has been found in Thien But mountain area, Quang Ngai province.

Leading Vietnamese archeologists have announced this information during an event announcing Archeological excavation results in Thien But mountain area, Quang Ngai city.

Lingam is a column-like object, representing the male genitalia of the Hindu deity Shiva while Yoni is the stylized representation of the female genitals, representing the goddess Shakti. The lingam's diameter is 40cm and its height is 43 cm while the yoni is 168 cm long and 124.4 cm wide, they were found almost intact.

Along with the impressive set of Lingam-Yoni, archeologists also found 109 other artifacts dating back to the 10th-13th centuries. Among them are the snake-like Naga statue and two Kinnara statues made of clay.

Quang Ngai province is planning to open the excavated temple to the public as a tourist attraction and exhibit the found artifacts there instead of keeping them in the museum.