Seminar discusses preservation of heritage urban areas
Update: Jun 15, 2017
UNESCO Chief Representative in Viet Nam Susan Vize said the preservation of heritage urban areas should be integrated into economic growth to ensure sustainable development. 

Speaking at an international seminar in the central province of Quang Nam on June 14, the official stressed the significance of international cooperation in preserving and promoting values of heritage urban areas. 

Climate change and sea level rise have put pressure on urban areas, especially heritage ones, she said, calling for joint efforts of all-level authorities, specialised agencies and the private sector to preserve and promote their values. 

Other delegates at the seminar discussed mechanisms and new approaches in sustainable management of heritage urban areas, and other issues regarding the work. 

Dinh Van Thu, Chairman of the Quang Nam province People’s Committee, said Hoi An is an ancient town in Southeast Asia with more than 1,000 architectural works like houses, communal houses, pagodas, temples and tombs. 

Thanks to its outstanding cultural values, Hoi An was recognised as a cultural heritage site by UNESCO in December 4, 1999. 

Despite achievements in the preservation work, Hoi An is facing new challenges caused by climate change and sea level rise, along with threats of fire due to the overload of services, pressures of overpopulation and impacts of urbanisation. 

Dr. Chuk Chumno from the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism underlined the importance of heritage tourism as well as the need to maintain sustainable development in cultural tourism.