Sofitel Saigon to hold annual Fete De La Musique festival
Update: Jun 16, 2017
A view of Boudoir Lounge on the ground floor of the Sofitel Saigon Plaza, where the annual Fête de la Musique festival will be held on June 21.

The Sofitel Saigon Plaza in downtown HCMC will host its annual Fête de la Musique event at its Boudoir Lounge on the ground floor of the hotel from 8 pm till midnight on June 21. 

Sofitel has transformed the French music festival into a global event with all its properties worldwide hosting unique celebrations in combination with French culture.

The Sofitel Saigon Plaza is expected to bring unforgettable festive moments for guests with Celtic music. The event will also feature French music band Gwennili, which is hoped to take music enthusiasts through a journey of jubilant Celtic melodies and dances.

Fête de la Musique, the world’s largest international live music event, was first launched in France in 1982.

During the event, streets of Paris are turned into the world’s biggest performance stage as hundreds of musicians gather to celebrate the joy of music in all its varied styles.

More than 120 Sofitel hotels from five continents will join the event.