Fourth Viet Nam-Japan cultural exchange festival kicks off in Da Nang
Update: Jul 31, 2017
The fourth Viet Nam – Japan cultural exchange festival kicked off in the central coastal city of Da Nang on July 28, bringing together over 100 artists from 60 art troupes from the two countries.

A Japanese dance at the opening ceremony of the festival (Photo: TTO)

The artists are scheduled to introduce both the traditional and contemporary culture of Viet Nam and Japan through their artistic performances at three shows to be held every evening during the three-day the event.

Viet Nam’s cultural features will be highlighted through Bai Choi folk singing, folk dances of the Co Tu ethnic group, classical drama plays, Don Ca Tai Tu (Southern amateur music), martial arts, and performances of traditional musical instruments, such as the monochord and T'rung, a bamboo xylophone played by the Central Highlanders.

Meanwhile, the Japanese artists will introduce their traditional cultural practices such as the Japanese arts of tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy and traditional dances.

A wide range of products from the two countries including technological devices, fine arts, household applicances, cuisine and tourist products will be showcased at 150 booths during the festival. The festival also includes a seminar on tourism promotion, film screenings and a friendly football match.

The event aims to strengthen the mutual understanding and friendship between Da Nang City and Japan, thus contributing to bolstering the strategic Viet Nam – Japan cooperation.