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Update: Aug 23, 2017
The internet has transformed the travel industry. In days gone by, people relied on a local tour operator to provide them with brochures that themselves where printed by large travel companies. The largest covered a huge number of countries across the world and their promotional expertise resulted in their growing even stronger. Those local travel agents provided a service that was essential to ordinary people.

The interactive properties of the internet now allow everyone to go online, do their own research and talk directly to specialists who can explain more about specific destinations. While large travel companies still play a large role in the industry, the Internet opened the door to other companies, country by country who inevitably were able to use their local knowledge to help potential clients from all over the world. Viet Nam is one of the countries that has emerged strongly in recent years; local Viet Nam tour operators have helped in that growth with Viet Nam travel packages tailored to show the country’s diversity. Those with particular interests can talk to companies like Vivu Travel in Ha Noi. The latter has many years of experience in the travel industry and is happy to provide advice and answer questions on any aspect of Viet Nam.  

Review websites are an excellent way to judge a country, its highlights, the internal infrastructure, hotels and restaurants, as well as the companies that can put together a good itinerary. Occasionally a review that is so different from others should be dismissed as suspicious. If you look at what people who have been to Viet Nam on holiday have said about every aspect from booking and reception to the time travelling the country, then you should have a good idea what to do yourself and whom to ask to organise it.

The challenge for a tour operator is to get as much information as possible from a prospective client. That includes the time available for a Viet Nam tour, the time of year proposed and the budget available. Viet Nam is a large country yet the internal transport infrastructure does allow ease of movement throughout the whole country, north to south.

A good tour operator is judged by the quality of its service and the expertise of its personnel. In the travel sector, that means knowledge of the main places of interest, the best things to do and of course practical information on transport, accommodation and restaurants. It also means the speed and thoroughness provided one an enquiry comes in. Once someone books and ultimately arrives, it is now the job of guides to greet clients and ensure that their holiday itinerary runs smoothly. The unexpected can happen but well-trained guides will handle such occasions in their stride.

There is little practical difference between starting in the north and heading south and vice versa. In Viet Nam, most overseas tourists fly into Ha Noi in the North or Ho Chi Minh City in the South. Visa are available on arrival and your Viet Nam tour guide will be there to meet you once you collect your luggage and clear customs. Vivu Travel has well-trained guides who will take you to your accommodation and explain what is going to happen in the coming days.

You will have a certain amount of free time throughout any organised tour. There are several ways to use it. In Ha Noi, for example, it is perfectly safe to walk the narrow streets, sit back and watch life go by and perhaps enjoy some street food at most times of day and night. Away from the cities, the country lanes are fairly quiet. You can hire a cycle and travel through the rice fields or even a motor cycle in order to cover more distance. There are no dangers involved in either.

A good Viet Nam tour operator like Vivu Travel pays attention to detail. Every Viet Nam itinerary is well-planned so that the timings are accurate as far as that is possible. While cities such as Ha Noi are fairly busy, the roads otherwise are not too crowded so it is fairly easy to calculate times on the main roads. It is less easy in the remote regions such as the Northern Highlands yet the environment is so scenic that a little extra time on the road is no hardship.

Those interested in really getting to understand the life of locals can ask to stay amongst them. Homestays arranged by a good Viet Nam travel operator are available in many parts of the country. It may be in the rural highlands, many of the lowland areas and even in the fishing villages, especially down in the Mekong Delta. Life is not easy in Viet Nam’s villages and in some areas locals live a meagre subsistence life. However, the Vietnamese are a naturally happy and hospitable people and that is something that the best Viet Nam tour operators will try to reveal to their clients during their Viet Nam holiday.

Most holidaymakers in Viet Nam want to spend time on the coast. In the North, Ha Long Bay, the UNESCO World Heritage site, is the highlight. An overnight cruise is lovely, watching the sun go down with a cold drink, enjoying dinner and hours later seeing the sun rise. Time is that last thing on your mind in such an area. Further south, there are a number of developing seaside resorts, each with great beaches and of course the warm and clear sea.

There are many well-established tourist destinations in all parts of the world who are casting envious glances at the interest that Viet Nam is now generating among regular travellers. Good Viet Nam tour operators have learnt very quickly that there are people who want to learn more about every aspect of Viet Nam, cultural, historical as well as the beautiful environment it offers. The standard packages satisfy many but the really good Viet Nam travel agencies happily tailor a holiday to a client’s particular interests. If you have yet to visit South East Asia, take a little time to look at Viet Nam. It costs you nothing to ask a few questions either.

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