Viet Nam and Cambodia tours
Update: Sep 08, 2017
The idea that you can visit two countries in one holiday may seem impossible. Well, have you heard of the combined Viet Nam and Cambodia tours? It is the year where you get to have a feel of two countries with a rich history and epic adventure. Imagine the transition from an area with pristine beaches to one with ancient kingdoms and temples all over the country. Brace yourself for the holiday of your lifetime with two experiences you can never forget.  Leave the hustle and crazy of the city and relax on the beaches and the life of the country at Sa Pa and the amazing life at the Angkor temple.

Get a taste of a ten-day tour in Viet Nam and another five-day tour at Cambodia in an organised fun-filled experience. You will get enough time to unwind and relax during the entire trip and guess what; you will make awesome memories in this Holiday to Viet Nam and Cambodia.

Cambodia tour

The experience of a crowded beach is an experience you do not want to live all over again. What I love about Cambodia is the fact that the beaches are not congested, and you can walk and bathe in the sun with all the peace in the world.

Get your appetite in check during your combines Viet Nam and Cambodia tours. Taste the finger-licking cuisines that will get you craving for more. You can also put your cooking skills to test at one of the cooking classes in Cambodia. Who knows, you might as well change your routine diet and go Cambodia every day.

Cambodia is a beautiful country with magical landscapes. Get a helicopter ride and take in the ariel view of the pristine forests and the vast coastline surrounded by lush vegetation.

Are you looking for that wow factor on your trip? Well, Cambodia will drop your jaw to the ground with the incredible Angor Wat. To be honest, these are those tales that sound like a mystery of made up stories from the stories until you are the magical monument. What comes to your mind when you hear the word empire? Forget the television series; let's talk about kingdoms and dynasties that date back from the 9th and 15th century. Bayon temple takes centre change as it is a structure in the middle of the monument. The structures although ruined, have stood unperturbed waging a silent war with time and nature. You will see roots and branches that sprout from the walls and floor making the monument even more alluring. It is a thrilling experience to walk through the halls that once hosted kings and religious leaders that you only hear in books and stories. Do not be the kind to be told of the amazing Angor Wat, when you can see it.

Viet Nam tour

After the stressful process of planning and designing your trip, you crave for white sandy beaches and a relaxed night at the finest hotels in Viet Nam. You should know you can start your holiday even before you start packing by letting someone else organise your trip; I thought you should be aware!

If you are on an organised Viet Nam tour, you will get a taste of all the beauty of Viet Nam as you travel the entire country. A visit to Ho Chi Minh City will get you appreciating the history of Viet Nam dating back to the American War. Take a tour through the Cu Chi tunnels and get the thrill of walking back and forth the endless tunnel with your tour guide.

You will never get enough of Viet Nam’s landscape and geography. If you do not believe the tales of glittering waters inside a cave, then you should tour the En Cave and swim in the clear blue water. Camping at the Son Doong Cave is also an option when it comes to a Viet Nam and Cambodia travel. The cave, which is the largest in the world, has a unique atmosphere that differs from what is on the outside. It is fascinating to take a walk through the large mass of rock that reduces you to the size of an ant as you wade through the mud puddles in the cave. You have got to live it so that you can believe.

When it comes to sandy beaches, sunshine and water, there is no limit, and you can continue sun bathing in Viet Nam. Visit the Da Nang beach at Viet Nam with endless coastline and limitless water sports that will surprisingly energise you to do impossible water stunts. You do not want to miss on the breathtaking view of the sunset as it kisses the blue water at the Mui Ne Beach. It is a sight to behold.

If you do not do it the Vietnamese way, then you have not experienced anything at all. You will like the overnight train experience through thick green vegetation and hills curved with terraces of rice making a neat line of brown and green as you go uphill.  Take in the view of multi colours illuminated from Sapa as you ride through the town.

Viet Nam is a remarkable country. Even after wars filled with countless bombings and scared past, the Vietnamese brought the best out of the war to create memories and, maintain peace through museums and historical sites. Take a tour of the galleries that contain items discovered from the ruins of ancient Kingdoms and also from the wars.

The architecture of Viet Nam cities will put the modern engineers and architects to shame. The beauty of structures with designs from the French and Chinese are what catches the eye. The cities itself including Hue, Hoi An and Ha Noi tell a tale of the past with bridges built in the 18th century and streets that shouldered the weight of ancient merchants for centuries.

Let the Viet Nam and Cambodia travel experience be the one that you share with your friends every year. It is on this tour that you can enjoy the blend of two cultures, two traditions and two epic adventures. Book a tour today and let us make memories.

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