How to experience the culinary delights in Viet Nam
Update: Sep 15, 2017
Viet Nam is a thin, long country that takes plenty of influences from its close neighbours (Cambodia, Laos and China). For instance noodle dishes served in the north of the country take influence from China. Also, when travelling north to south, the food as you progress south starts to become more rice-based and sweeter. A reason for this is the mighty Mekong Delta and warm climate that supports the wide-ranging exotic fruits, vegetables, coconut groves and rice paddies.

A further influence on the Vietnamese cuisine is from the past French occupation with the baguettes still a popular and stable part of the local diet.

Here are a few of the great ways to experience the culinary delights on the Viet Nam tour packages:

Dine with a local family

Viet Nam Cookery Centre (Ho Chi Minh City)
A wonderful way to learn more about the local Vietnamese cuisine is to visit a culinary school for the day. There are plenty of places to visit throughout the country, although one of the finest is the Viet Nam Cookery Centre in Ho Chi Minh City. The teaching approach is split between a morning and afternoon session.

The day starts with the basics such as learning to prepare a common side dish like nuoc mam (fish sauce). Lessons can include cooking sticky rice and blending spices to make a paste for curry. Also, other things like chopstick skills and local dining etiquette are taught. Once the afternoon arrives, the students get to learn to cook a few of the local dishes, such as bo luc lac, chao long and pho.

Dine with a local family
There are plenty of opportunities to dine with a local family. Whether this is part of a Viet Nam customised tour or staying in a homestay in Sa Pa or the Mekong Delta, this is a great way to learn more about not only the food, but the local culture and people. The hosts are likely to serve several regional dishes that vary in flavours, such as pho and local tea.

Red Bridge School cooking class (Hoi An)
A great way to learn about the local traditions on the Tailor made Viet Nam tour after stopping in Hoi An is a cooking class like the Red Bridge School. This wonderful experience starts with a trip to the colourful local market to buy the fresh ingredients for the upcoming lessons. The trip to the market is by boat which means it is possible to watch as the local people go about their day-to-day lives. Also, a tour of the local herb garden makes it easier to appreciate their different smells and appearance. Each dish is demonstrated by a skilled chef before the students get to copy their work. Later in the day it is possible to sit and try the different meals prepared.

KOTO cookery school (Ha Noi)
The cooking school at KOTO is well worth participating for the travellers looking for something to do in the capital city, Hanoi. This hands-on cooking school teaches every aspect of learning to prepare classic local dishes from visiting the market in the early morning to learning the intricacies of cooking pho, seafood dishes and spring rolls.

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