Your Viet Nam visa during an Indochina holiday
Update: Sep 26, 2017
Touring Indochina is quite an adventure. Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia have all had their problems during the second half of the 20th century but each of them has now been peaceful for some time now. The consequence of this has been a significant increase in tourism, especially in Viet Nam. If you are looking for an adventure, you can certainly do worse than visiting this region. While you can do your research and even book your trip direct with airlines and hotels it is much easier to use a local specialist travel company to make all the arrangements for you and that includes arranging your visa to Viet Nam as well.

Vivu Travel in Ha Noi is a case in point. It has established a reputation for professionalism and quality service over the last decade and it is happy to talk to you about your ideas. There is plenty of help and advice, offered without your being committed in any way. The regulations for entry into Viet Nam vary from nationality to nationality. There are changes from time to time and a company like Vivu Travel that has a Viet Nam visa service arm that can arrange a Viet Nam visa on arrival will know the exact position currently in place.

The latter is only available for tourists flying into Viet Nam. Even if your situation means that you require a urgent Viet Nam visa, you can get the ‘’Viet Nam Approval Letter’’ that you need to present to Immigration on arrival after a single working day. When you land at the airport that you have requested, you will find that Immigration already has a copy of that letter which will mean your passport will be stamped on presentation.

When you book a travel package with a company like Vivu Travel, it will ensure that there are no bureaucratic problems that will cause any delays. Its Indochina travel packages are designed in such a way that the Viet Nam visa that it arranges through the ‘Authorisation Letter’’ procedure can be stamped by Immigration at the agreed airport of entry.

Viet Nam visas are either single or multiple entry. There are different fees for different categories. If the tour package involves entering and then re-entering Viet Nam, then obviously the multiple entry visa is required. Similarly, those who can get up to 15 days in the country without a visa will just need a visa if they are exceeding that time.

An Indochina tour is a real adventure, often into the unknown, and certainly into the unknown for travellers who have not been there before. It pays to use someone with specialist knowledge of the region and entry regulations that can change from time to time. Vivu Travel is well-equipped to do that and has gained a solid reputation for its professional service over a period beyond a decade. It surely makes sense to get in touch, even if your travel plans are only in the very early stage? You have nothing to lose by doing so, certainly no commitment on your part.

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