Hue city halts night tour due to rain
Update: Oct 23, 2017
The night sight-seeing tour “Citadel by night” at the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre will be temporarily stopped due to heavy rain.  

Phan Thanh Hai, director of the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre, said the programme being held inside the former imperial citadel will be shut down during the rainy season, which is expected to last till February next year.

According to the centre, wet floors will render it unsafe for visitors to wander around at night and continuous rains hinder outdoor activities.

The centre expects the tour to resume at the earliest, depending on when the rains end.

It began in June in an attempt by the centre to bring the citadel out of the shadows and into the limelight, seven decades after the Nguyen dynasty’s reign ended in 1945.

During the tour, the palace is lit up, turning it into a night attraction, inviting visitors from within and outside the country to admire the impressive structure and get a feel of life during the glory days of the dynasty, with programmes featuring the re-enactment of royal rituals and royal musical performances.

These included a re-enactment of the Royal Patrol, live performances of nha nhac (royal court music), and a show featuring local ca Hue singing.

The night shows were appraised as a key factor to awaken sleepy Hue and turn it into a hub of enjoyment.