Cham people in Binh Thuan celebrates Kate festival
Update: Oct 23, 2017
The Cham people in Binh Thuan province are marking the Kate festival with traditional rituals to remember their ancestors, while praying for good weather, abundant crops and long life.

Cham girls perform a traditional dance

A procession of Po Sah Inu Goddess costumes was held at the Po Sah Inu Tower in Phan Thiet City, followed by traditional rituals and dances with Gi Nang drums and Saranai trumpets.

The festival offers visitors a chance to enjoy unique folk songs, dances and music with the Cham people, as well as the chance to participate in games and demonstrations of brocade weaving and pottery.

The Kate festival will be celebrated in each village and family throughout the seventh month of the Cham calendar.

Various cultural activities, such as art shows, traditional costume displays, culinary exhibitions and traditional writing competitions, are being organised in the province.

During this year’s Kate festival, local authorities are paying a visit to the region and giving gifts to the Cham people in the province. The purpose of the Kate festival is to thank the Gods and promote their traditional culture and arts.

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