Traditional music dazzles tourists to Ho Chi Minh City
Update: Oct 26, 2017
Weekend traditional music performances which have been piloted in Ho Chi Minh City’s Centre are gripping visitors to the southern hub. They are an initiative by the municipal government to promote Viet Nam’s traditional culture values, and at the same time, attract tourists to the city.

Folk songs have been echoing in front of Sai Gon Central Post Office, a renowned tourist attraction, recently at nine in the morning every Saturday.

The catchy rhythms are featured in 90-minute shows with singing and traditional musical instruments, including bamboo flutes, pipa, monochords, among others, enthralling both domestic and foreign audiences.

What makes the performances intriguing are not only the lovely folk songs, but also the performing artists’ vibrant traditional costumes.

Ngoc Han, an artist performing at the shows, said "To be frank I’m very happy performing here. I’m moved by the admiration of tourists from all over the world. We will try harder to best serve audiences so that they can understand more about Vietnam’s traditional musical instruments."

The shows take place at an iconic tourist destination of Ho Chi Minh City, providing a new tourism product for the southern hub. Apart form its tourism value, the performances also contribute to the preservation and promotion of Vietnam’s traditional values.