Vietnamese signature products introduced to APEC delegates
Update: Oct 30, 2017
Fine art stones featuring red-shanked douc langurs, Ngoc Lu bronze drums, Hue Royal Court musical instruments, and other Vietnamese products will be displayed at the Non Nuoc Fine Art Stone Village during APEC Economic Leaders’ Week in Da Nang in November.

Mr. Tien shop offers Viet Nam's signature products 

Da Nang artisans are looking forward to the much-awaited APEC events to introduce their unique products.

Mr. Pham Tien, a local businessman, said that in addition to fine arts, fengshui, and ornamental stone products, his workshop also sells products depicting Quan Ho folk duet artists, Hue girls in traditional long dress, red-shanked douc langurs, and the Hant River bridge. Tien said there will be new products like Ngoc Lu bronze drums and carved cosmetic boxes depicting Cau pagoda in Hoi An: “Our workshop will welcome visitors during APEC Week. Our uniformed staff have been trained with to serve foreign customers. All our prices are marked.”

Contractors at the the APEC Sculpture Park are installing a lighting system and planting trees at the west of the Dragon Bridge. The park which covers more than 3,000 square meters, contains 21 sculptures from the 21 APEC countries. Sculptor Le Lang Luong of Ha Noi Fine Arts University talked about his piece on display at the park: “My piece is shaped like intertwined trees. I used natural, green stones and arranged them like a tree to express unity. I used both rough and smooth stones to symbolize the past, present and future of APEC.”

By hosting APEC Year 2017, Viet Nam hopes to promote its image as a peaceful, stable, and friendly country.