Russian news praises Son Doong as a lost world underground
Update: Nov 15, 2017
The Russian News RT has praised Viet Nam’s Son Doong Cave as “A lost world below the surface”, quoting a group of Russian travellers who explored one of the most spectacular caves in the world.

The team of six explorers waited for a year to arrange permits for the trip to Son Doong. Their trip took four days with abundant activities like arduous climbs, fast-running streams, and an underground forest.

“It’s peaceful here, you feel completely detached and free. This is what you call a reset,” said one of the travellers, Ernest Rudyak, in a video diary of the journey. “It is a sanctuary, a lost world below the surface - a unique ecosystem.”

Son Doong, the world’s biggest known cave, is discovered by a local man in 1991. In 2009, a British expedition came to the cave and helped the world learn about the spectacular cave.

Recently, Oxalis Adventure Tours has opened ticket sales for tours to explore Son Doong in 2018, with a maximum of 900 tourists permitted to the cave with an itinerary of four days and three nights.