Exhibition recaptures traditional wedding in Hue
Update: Dec 01, 2017
An exhibition recapturing the traditional weddings of Hue people in 1960s opened at the Hue Culture Museum on November 30.

Works on display at the exhibition

The original objects on display include wedding invitations, marriage certificates, the bride and groom’s costume at the wedding, old regulations on the ceremony, and a tray of betel and areca, which was an indispensable offering from the groom to the bride’s family.

The order of events in the ceremony is also introduced to visitors at the exhibition.

Accordingly, in the olden days, there were six sets of ceremonies for a couple before they tied the knot, in which the the groom’s family asked for permission from the bride’s, before they got engaged, chose a date for the wedding ceremony, and then the wedding.

Nowadays, the six sets of ceremonies have been simplified and organised economically but their significance still remains.

The wedding included the procession of the groom's family to receive the bride at her house, before she was then brought to the groom’s house to worship their ancestors.

On the wedding night, the couple made a toast to each other, before chewing 12 pieces of betel and areca in hope for the upcoming 12 months to be blessed with love, harmony, understanding and happiness.

The exhibition will run until February 2, 2018 at Hue Culture Museum, 23-25 Le Loi street, Hue city.

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