Quang Ninh officials attended tourism training course in New Zealand
Update: Dec 06, 2017
A training course on tour guide skills for 25 officials rom Quang Ninh province was launched at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand on December 4th.

Overview of the training course

The trainees are officials directly involved in cultural and tourism activity management in localities and related Departments and sectors.

At the first session, they were introduced to the history and culture of New Zealand, the customs of the Maori people (native people of New Zealand), and the University of Auckland, the second largest of the seven universities in New Zealand.

They will also take a short tour on campus of the university. The training course is designed with significant interaction, demand for creativity and built-in real-life situations.

Through the class, the trainees will be able to improve their knowledge and skills on tour guiding, management and developing sustainable tourism activities.

The course will last until December 15th.