French Centre to host show of traditional music
Update: Jan 18, 2018
Traditional vocal art lovers will get the opportunity to enjoy melodies of the central and northern regions at a show hosted by the French Culture Centre (L’Espace) on January 20.

The show is dubbed “Ai Vo Xu Hue, Ai Ra Bac Thanh” (Who Comes to Hue, Who to Bac Thanh), a sentence from the lyric of ancient northern folk chamber music art implying the harmony between two region’s traditional music. It will highlight the traditional music of Hue [nha nhac (royal music) and ca Hue (folk music)] and Ha Noi [cheo (traditional opera), ca tru (chamber music) and xa(music performed by buskers)].

Hue’s royal music and Ha Noi’s chamber music have been recognised as the world’s intangible cultural heritage by the UNESCO.

The musical stories will be narrated by popular artistes such as Thanh Tam, who grew up in a royal music troupe under King Bao Dai’s reign (1949-1955), and Thanh Hoai, Xuan Hoach and Tran Thao from Ha Noi.

The show will bring together other veteran artistes such as Man Thu and Minh Gai of tuong (classical drama), Thuy Ngan of che(traditional opera) and Kim Lien specialising in chau van (folk music combining trance singing and dancing).

The show will start at 8pm. Tickets are available at the French Culture Centre, 24 Trang Tien Street. Prices range from VND100,000-VND210,000 for members and students.