Hotels in Hoi An full in Lunar New Year 2018
Update: Mar 01, 2018
Room occupancy rate at most accommodation establishments, hotels and homestays in Hoi An city, the central province of Quang Nam, reached 100% from February 15th (the 28th day of lunar December 2018) to now.

Photo for illustration

In spite of the Lunar New Year (Tet) holidays passing, many tourist attractions in Hoi An such as Cam Thanh Forest and Cu Lao Cham witnessed sudden sharp increase in number of travellers.

Surveys showed that hotels above two-stars always had room occupancy of 90-100%.

Ms. Hua Thi Anh, General Director of Phu Thinh Hotel said that compared to previous years, the number of tourists reserving rooms during Tet holiday 2018 increased sharply, with a room occupancy rate of 85-90%, or even 100% at some nights.

Similarly, some hotels such as Den Long, Cong Doan, Kim An or homestays in the hub had room occupancy rate of 85-90%.

Visitors to Hoi An found it hard to secure accommodation overnight and many visitors had to go to Da Nang to stay due to lack of rooms in the city.

On average, Hoi An greeted more than 10,000 visitors daily during that time.