Diem village festival honours creator of love duet singing
Update: Mar 23, 2018
Diem village festival which honours the creator of quan ho (love duet singing) opened in the northern province of Bac Ninh on March 22 (the sixth day of the second lunar month).

Diem village festival opened in Bac Ninh province
on March 22 (the sixth day of the second lunar month)

The festival, named national intangible cultural heritage in 2016, is one of the largest festivals in the province. 

A house dedicated to Diem village’s quan ho was inaugurated in the province on the occasion, aiming to preserve traditional house and create a new space for the art of quan ho in the locality.

The art of love duet singing was inscribed in UNESCO’s representative list of intangible cultural heritage in September 2009.

It is an art form that combines various elements, including music, lyrics and costumes, and features the distinctive culture of people in the region formerly called Kinh Bac.

The singing represents different kinds of relationships - the relationship between male and female singers as romantic lovers, the relationship between two friendly villages and the relationship between performers and the audience. Each element helps define quan ho, give it life and meaning, and the resulting harmony is so much more than just a beautiful song.

The Diem village festival featured a re-enactment of the village’s legend and a palanquin procession, as well as a number of folk games, attracting hundreds of participants.

Head of the organising board Nguyen Van Ty said during the festival, security forces have worked to ensure traffic order and food safety, while asking restaurant owners not to overcharging visitors.

Currently Bac Ninh has a total of eight sets of national treasures. It is also home to several significant cultural heritage which includes two intangible cultural heritage recognised by UNESCO – quan ho (love duets) and ca tru (ceremonial singing).

With hundreds of festivals held annually, Bac Ninh is considered to have the most festivals in Viet Nam. Many have become national intangible cultural heritage, such as Lim Festival, Diem Village Festival, Dong Ky Village Festival. Many crafts including Dong Ho folk woodcut paintings, Phu Khe wooden carving and Phu Lang pottery were also recognised as national heritage.