Water splashing festival recognised as national intangible cultural heritage
Update: Apr 16, 2018
A ceremony was held in Na Sang 1 village, Dien Bien district, the northern mountainous province of Dien Bien on April 13 to grant the certificate of “national intangible cultural heritage” to the water splashing festival of the Lao ethnic minority group.  

The water splashing festival of the Lao ethnic minority group in Dien Bien province 

According to Ha Van Phieng, Vice Chairman of the Dien Bien district People’s Committee, the traditional water splashing festival of the Lao ethnic group has made contributions to affirming its presence in the locality while forming the national cultural characteristics.

This is also a traditional New Year festival with close connection with the spiritual ritual of the Lao people, he said, adding that they make offerings to late ancestors and gods, praying for favourable weather, bumper crops, good health and luck.

Folk games and traditional dance were also orgainsed during the event.

Water splashing is among the rituals held during the Lao Bunpimay festival that lasts from April 14 to 16 every year.

The recognition of “national intangible cultural heritage” will create a premise for Na Sang 1 village to develop community-based tourism.