5,000 “Chung” cakes to be presented to visitors on Hung Kings' death anniversary
Update: Apr 20, 2018
Dam Sen Cultural Park will issue 40,000 invitations for families, visitors and the public to attend the Death Anniversary of the Hung Kings and the Family Festival.  

Photo for illustration

The invitation offers visitors free admission and 50% discounts, and is valid until the end of May 1st.

The main program of the Death Anniversary of the Hung Kings will take place during the two days of April 24th and 25th (lunar March 9th and 10th).

The organizing board will conduct a fire procession from the Hung Temple in Long Binh ward, District 9, to the national altar at Dam Sen Cultural Park.

Apart from ritual, the festival will also have an art photo exhibition of communal houses, temples and royal tombs, and display nearly 600 family annals records.

On this occasion, 5,000 “Chung” cakes will be presented to visitors.