US travel site urges tourists to explore Viet Nam's two most beautiful beaches
Update: May 07, 2018
The New York-based travel site Thrillist has included Cat Co 2 on the northern Cat Ba Island and Thom Beach on the southern island of Phu Quoc on its list of the best seaside getaways in Viet Nam.

A boat sails around Cat Ba Island in the northern city of Hai Phong. Photo by VnExpress

If you're not by planning, there’s just enough time to add them to this year’s checklist before they are marred by over development.

Just 45km to the east of Hai Phong, Cat Ba boasts crystal-clear waters, jungles and ancient fishing villages. However, the island has managed to keep a relative low profile even though it is just to the south of the world-famous Ha Long Bay.

The travel site described Cat Co 2 as “the most relaxed of Cat Ba’s three beaches,” where travelers can take in a panoramic view of the amazing island surrounded by spectacular limestone mountains.

Thrillist also recommended holidaymakers to touch down on Thom Beach on the southern coast of Phu Quoc.

“Nestled in the forest that dominates this island, Thom Beach is too far off the beaten track for the coach tourists but brings in enough intrepid backpackers to sustain the local snack shacks and their surprisingly delicious homebrewed beer,” the site said.

The beach has avoided the tourist trap and retained its untouched beauty, so not many tourism services can be found there.

A pristine beach in Phu Quoc Island. Photo by VnExpress

Take a trip down to the hidden pearl to experience the raw beauty, enjoy fresh seafood, and take a dive to look at the coral reef or simply swing in a hammock to listen to the sweet melody of the waves.

Like other Southeast Asian countries, Viet Nam is struggling with overcrowding, coral damage and waste when it comes to beach tourism.

The country is already under threat from commercial tourism development, which has gradually crept into beach resorts, where shining beauty can easily be undermined by trash, crowds and construction.