Festival promotes Vietnamese culture in RoK
Update: Jun 06, 2018
The second cultural festival entitled “We are together” will take place at the KBS Arena in Seoul in the Republic of Korea (RoK) on June 16 to promote Vietnamese culture in the RoK and cultural exchanges between the two countries.  

Photo for illustration

The festival will feature an exhibition of a collection of Ao dai designed by Lan Huong and a fashion show of Ao dai and Hanbok as worn by the two countries’ models. Two Vietnamese Ao dai artisans and designer Lan Huong will demonstrate some of the processes behind making an Ao dai.

Accompanying the exhibition will be performances by famous Vietnamese singers such as Minh Hang, Van Mai Huong, Hoa Mizy, Trong Hieu, Trung Quan Idol, and the Korean band I.C.E.

There will also be a special program for a reunion of three mothers and their three daughters who are living in the RoK. They have not seen each other for between five to ten years.

The festival is expected to draw around 3,000 visitors, including foreigners, Vietnamese people living and working in the RoK, and multicultural families. The festival’s programs will be broadcast on VTV6 in July.