Honoring the value of lotus flowers in cultural life
Update: Jul 05, 2018
(TITC) – From June 29 – July 1, the Lotus Festival 2018 themed “Legend of a flower” was held at Quoc Hoc Hue High School, which was part of a series of activities to promote Hue tourism.  

The symbol of lotus flowers often appears in almost important events in the country and oversea. Lotus flowers are close to Vietnamese people in general and Hue people in particular in all aspects of their life ranging from music, poetry, fashion, cuisine to Buddhist architecture. Therefore, Lotus Festival was organised aiming to honor its beauty, in addition to introducing traditional culture and promoting tourism potential of the ancient Hue Capital.

The festival featured corresponding activities such as Ao dai fashion show with lotus theme; stalls introducing products made from lotus; exhibition of art paintings about lotus; demonstration of traditional crafts such as embroidering painting and making conical hat, etc.

Besides, a variety of art performances and folk games took place during the festival at the main stage of the Quoc Hoc Hue High School.

Lotus Festival 2018 wrapped up on July 1, ending four festive days which contributed to affirm the branding “Hue- a festival city of Viet Nam” and diversify experience activities for tourists. Also, the festival became a good chance for tourism enterprises to cooperate with partners to build up tourism products of Thua Thien – Hue Province.

Thanh Tam