Yen Bai makes efforts in preserving cultural traits
Update: Aug 22, 2018
Nghia Lo district in the northern mountainous province of Yen Bai has taken various measures to preserve the diverse traits of the ethnic minorities inhabiting in the locality.  

Members of a club for Thai dance in Nghia Lo town

The district is home to 17 ethnic groups, with nearly half Thai people, who are renowned for various folk songs, dances and traditional customs.

Lo Thi Vui, a local resident in Nghia An commune, has joined a Thai ethnic dance club in Nghia Lo town for two years. 

“We are happy to participate in the club,” Vui said. “Our activities are expected to help conserve the Thai ethnic group’s traditional art form.”

Despite their busy lives, club members spend time practicing traditional dance moves. Vui also said dancing with other club members is not just a hobby but a way to keep the love for traditional values burning.

Every weekend, local women come to practice traditional dances and share moves they have recently learned with other enthusiasts.

The outstanding club members can perform in local contests and festivals, helping introduce the distinctive cultural traits of Thai ethnic people to both domestic and foreign visitors.

Lo Thi Minh, another club member said: “Our dance may look easy but it’s quite hard to master. After spending time in the fields, we often gather to practice the dance moves to improve our performances.”

Artisan Dieu Thi Xieng is teaching local pupils folk songs and dances 

Nghia Lo town also pays heed to educating younger generations on Thai ethnic minority’s traditional values.

Artisan Dieu Thi Xieng’s private house has become a popular venue for pupils at Le Hong Phong primary school and secondary school to get to know more about traditional Thai folk songs and dances.

Her efforts have been paid off as the pupils come to her house very often during summer holiday. 

There are now 170 art clubs operating across the town. Club members vary from the very young to the elderly.

Preserving Thai culture is part of the district’s efforts to boost local tourism and socio-economic development.