Museum honours Vietnamese women’s role
Update: Aug 29, 2018
The Vietnamese Women’s Museum is one of the top destinations in Ha Noi. It gives visitors an insight into the Vietnamese culture through the beauty of Vietnamese women.

Inside the Vietnamese Women Museum

The museum showcases more than 28,000 objects, photos and videos, illustrating the daily lives of Vietnamese women in the past, during the war and in modern times.

The museum’s exhibits are arranged into three thematic galleries, namely “Women in Family”, “Women in History” and “Women’s Fashion” on three floors. 

Traditional wedding costumes and ceremony of Vietnamese people on display in the museum

Martin Peronnet, a French visitor chose to begin his first trip to Ha Noi by visiting the Vietnamese Women’s Museum. He said he admired the contribution made by Vietnamese women to the national liberation and development. 

“I can see that Vietnamese women joined the incredible war that we all feel very bad about it,” said Peronnet looking around the ‘Women in History’ floor.

He also expressed his admiration for Viet Nam to build itself in a incredibly tough and hostile environment in the past and make significant socio-economic achievement recently.

Safi Abdallah and his colleagues visit the museum on their first day to Ha Noi

Like many other foreign visitors, Safi Abdallah, a tourist from Morocco also wanted to spend his first day in Viet Nam by exploring the museum and he found it worth visiting. 

“The museum gives me ideas about how old it is about the history of Viet Nam, particularly in the role of women in their family and working and fighting the war,” Abdallah said.

Abdallah expressed his impression of the freedom Vietnamese women have gained, not only in improving their own family lives but also making contribution to the nation through war fighting, education, and politics.

A corner showcasing traditional outfits of different ethnic groups

Meanwhile, Basha Silver, a recently-married tourist from New York City was attracted by the museum because its exhibits showcase roles and responsibilities of women in typical Vietnamese families and traditional marriage and childbirth customs across ethnic groups.

However, Basha Silver said she was most impressed by the diverse fashion, costumes and jewels of Vietnamese women.

Basha Silver was most impressed by the diverse fashion,
costumes and jewels of Vietnamese women

“It is really interesting how different groups have different fashions and costumes, jewels. I was most impressed by the embroidery and dyeing techniques used by different ethnic groups,” Silver said.

The Vietnamese Women Museum was established in 1987 and opened to the public in 1995. It receives up to hundreds of visitors per day, most of them foreigners.

The museum receives up to hundreds of visitors per day, most of them foreigners

The museum has been listed among the best attractions in Ha Noi by the tourism website TripAdvisor for several times.