Artist Phan Thanh Liem showcase water puppetry in Italy
Update: Sep 10, 2018
Water-puppetry artist Phan Thanh Liem will bring a performance of miniature water puppets to the 39th Orient Festival held from September 14 to 16 in Napoli, Italy.

The miniature water puppet stage attracts many visitors

According to Artist Phan Thanh Liem, he will put on a show of selected traditional water puppet performances.

Currently, all preparations are complete and about 200kg of equipment has been transported to Italy. He will perform in three cities: Napoli and Brescia in Italy, and Nice in France. He will give a 30 minute performance using the miniature water puppet stage in each of the cities.

Artist Phan Thanh Liem was born and raised in a family with a seven generation history of traditional water puppetry in Rach village, Nam Chan commune, Nam Truc district, Nam Dinh. He is a successful design artist of water puppetry stages, as well as a screenwriter and contributor to the research and creation of a lot of water puppetry. Phan Thanh Liem has received many invitations to bring his miniature water puppet stage to the US, the UK, Canada, the Republic of Korea (RoK) and China.

The Orient Festival will gather diverse cultures from Asian countries such as India, China, Japan, Thailand, RoK, Indonesia, Malaysia, Viet Nam, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Nepal, Rajasthan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Tibet. The festival also has a variety of activities such as photography exhibitions, typical culinary booths, traditional ritual performances, music, dance, traditional martial arts, and yoga.


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