Traditional Vietnamese culture on show in Paris
Update: Oct 31, 2018
A “Couleurs du Viet Nam” program was held at the Mandapa Cultural Centre in the French capital Paris on October 27, drawing a large number of French, European and overseas Vietnamese spectators who enjoyed the spectacular performances of traditional Vietnamese dances.  

Onlookers were able to experience a special cultural journey through Viet Nam with colourful performances showcasing the daily lives of Vietnamese people from across the country.

The vibrant nature of Viet Nam was presented in costume through four-panel traditional dresses and flat palm hats worn by northern women, umbrellas and an array of other colourful costumes worn by women in mountainous areas and loose-fitting blouses and conical hats of southern women.

An overseas Vietnamese onlooker said these traditional dances helped spectators reminisce about their native land through popular cultural features.

The program took place within the framework of the “Passeport pour le Viet Nam” cultural season which will run until mid-June 2019. It will present a series of introductions to Vietnamese traditional arts such as traditional dances, music instruments, cai luong (reformed theatre), traditional theatre opera, Luc Van Tien opera and telling Vietnamese fairy tales in French.