‘Khau nhuc’ - A signature dish of Lang Son province
Update: Nov 05, 2018
‘Khau nhuc’, a type of braised pork belly seasoned with several kinds of herbs, is one of the must-try dishes for gourmets visiting Viet Nam’s northern province of Lang Son.

The dish is commonly served during the celebrations for weddings, funerals, and longevity celebrations of the local ethnic minority tribes.

‘Khau nhuc’ is a time consuming, meticulously prepared dish.

A combination of roasted pork loin marinated with spices and honey, it is the flavour, aroma and texture that sets the dish apart.

Tau soi leaves, a pickled herb used by the Tay ethnic minority, is finely chopped and mixed with soy sauce and a special mix of dried spices, before being applied to the meat to marinade for 15 minutes.

Khau nhuc is served on a plate looking something like an up-ended basket as all the strips of pork loin are woven together.

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