Oriental Sails Cruises officially starts selling Calypso Cruises on Lan Ha Bay
Update: Nov 13, 2018
From November, 2018, Oriental Sails,JSC officially starts selling Calypso Cruises, 4-star ones operating on Lan Ha Bay, Hai Phong. Calypso Cruises are the 5th and 6th ones in the cruise group managed and run by Oriental Sails. These are the latest products of Oriental Sales in 2018.

For the first 3 months, Oriental Sails initiates the program of 30 percent discount lower than the announced price for unchanged quality and service so tourists have a chance to explore mysterious and wild Lan Ha Bay on luxurious Calypso Cruises.

Calypso Cruises - the reappearance of the Marina Goddess’s beauty on Lan Ha Bay

Calypso Cruises (http://calypsocruises.vn/), designed with sturdy doubled steel bottoms and boat-sides to completely ensure tourists’ safety, cover themselves with white dressing gowns as the beauty of the Marine Goddesses, full of life energy.

Each cruise consisting of 20 luxurious and spacious cabins is designed in classic Oriental style. All furniture is made from high-quality wood with dark brown color to create the coziness and closeness to nature. All rooms are well-equipped with modern  amenities plus a private bathroom, a premier sauna and a large window overlooking the magnificent bay.

To affirm the brand and luxury, Calypso Cruises has 8 rooms with private balconies where tourists can sit in relaxation, admire the beauty of the bay with its variety of rocky islands and birds as well as enjoy the light breeze from the ocean while having a romantic and cozy dinner in the charming candle light. It’s such truly wonderful experience.

The spacious restaurant is designed with the combination of yellow light and dark-brown wooden floor as well as tables and chairs to create the Royal atmosphere. The variety of Vietnamese traditional food and delicious Western dishes, especially fine seafood, must be the party awakening all tourists’ senses. Let the friendly staff of Calypso Cruises take care of you while enjoying your meal with a glass of champagne over the gentle waves of Lan Ha Bay.

The space of the Sundesk is the wonderful place to relax, sunbathe or do sightseeing the whole magnificent scenery of mountains as well as clear and blue sky in Lan Ha Bay. It’s such a wonderful scenery for meeting your travel-mates to take beautiful photos and preserve your unforgettable memories.

The impression of Calypso Cruises is the 3 white masts. From far distance, the masts are imposing and proud to against the hardest wind and waves, heading to the sea to take the cruises lightly glide in the green water. Tourists can safely and freely enjoy the cruise and discover the amazing Lan Ha Bay. It’s also the three masts which make Calypso Cruises gentler and more ardent like the Marine Goddess in the legend.

With the inheritance and development the best advantages of the previous cruises of Oriental Sails, Calypso Cruises surely satisfy all tourists on their trip exploring the mysterious Lan Ha Bay.